The reason for being is a website for owners and anyone else interested in the first generation of the classic Triumph 750cc Bonnevilles which was produced by Triumph Motorcycles between 1973 and 1983 at the Meriden factory – and subsequently for another five years as the ‘Harris or Devon Bonneville’.

The site contains information about the history of the Bonneville development, technical progress throughout it’s time on the production line as well as some background to the politics of the day that finally contributed to the manner in which the Meriden organisation came to an end in 1983.

At the heart of this site is an active forum of T140 owners who are only too willing to share their experience, thoughts, ideas and information with other T140 owners who may be new to the world of riding or restoring the original ‘Bonnie’.

The forum contains a wealth of technical information and is dedicated to maintaining a friendly and inclusive atmosphere encouraging the sharing of both knowledge and ignorance alike without judgement. If that sounds like your kind of forum then please contact the admin using either the ‘Contact Us’ link or the email address supplied on the forum home page.



The author’s restored 1981 T140E