Recruiting Players.

After a Player has completed Registration through the T140™ website and has obtained access to the Player web app, they will need to link to a Venue in the Cue Sport code of their choice and be assigned a starting Division prior to competing in T140 Events.

They must link by attending in person at a Venue registered and offering T140 Events.

As a Venue Operator you can engage with any registered Players as they will receive messaging through the Player web app in relation to any T140 Events™ you are organising.

In the Venue web app click Player button on Home page. Do not use the Firefox browser.

The Manage Players page opens. Click on Invite New Players.

If you, the Venue Operator, are aware of the Player’s ability, then under Invite New Players, click Select Start Division from the drop-down menu. A guide for Player Divisions is in the T140 Help Center and can be found here.

If you don’t know the Player’s ability you can leave this on the default and a default Division will be assigned by the T140 Events™ system.

In the below screen Division 4 has been selected.

Click (Select Code). In the example below the Cue Sport code of Snooker has been selected from the dropdown menu.

Click Generate Invite QR Code.

A pop-up modal window is generated which asks for confirmation of the Division to be assigned and the Cue Sport code to be assigned. If you confirm it by clicking on yes, a pop-up modal window appears with a generated QR code for Division 4 Snooker.

Once you have registered a Player in a Division this cannot be modified by you.

Note that the window which will open is only displayed for 30 seconds. This is to avoid applying the wrong Division to another player by mistake.

In order for this player registration to work using the QR code the Player’s mobile phone must have a QR code reader. All modern phones have QR code readers built in. If the phone is older you may need to download a few QR code on the players phone.

Have the Player open his/her phone camera function and scan the QR code displayed and follow the underlying link.

Once the QR code has been scanned, the Operator should click the done button to remove the window. In any case, the window will automatically close after 30 seconds

If this is the first time a Player has enrolled for a Cue Sport code, then your Venue will be that Player’s Home Venue for the duration of their playing career. The Player link to other Venues in that Cue Sport code, but your Venue will always be their Home Venue for that code.

If a Player has already enrolled in that Cue Sport code with another Venue, they will be linked to your Venue and subsequently they will receive any messages you create about your T140 Events™ in that Cue Sport code. If they have already registered then their Division is already assigned and irrespective of what is selected by you, the system will default to their existing Division, but will form a link with your Venue.

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