Purchase Event Credits

From the Home page click Venue.

This opens the Venue Management page. You will note that this page tells you how many Event Credits you currently have.

Select the desired package by clicking on the appropriate Check out button.

The Stripe secure payment page opens. Please note packages of less that 100 credits are available but attract a transaction fee of $US2.

Sales are charged in US dollars and converted into your local currency. If the sale occurs in Australia you will be changed GST. If you are an Australian Venue, T140™ will send you a Recipient Created Tax Invoice at the end of each month for all your purchases in that month. If you purchase Event Credits outside Australia no government fees are payable.

Provide your credit card details.

Click Pay.

The Venue management page reopens with an updated Current Balance of Event Credits.

You are only debited for Event Credits when you Run an event ie once all the Players are present at your Venue and ready to play.

Unused credits can always be redeemed from T140 Events™ on request.

Event Credits can also be purchased at www.T140.com in the secure payments section.

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