Configure your Venue web app.

Venue button

Click the Venue button on the Home page. Do not use the Firefox browser.

The Venue Management page opens.

You can change many of the fields here. The details you provided during Registration are important as they are used by the web apps to allow Players to find your Venue on google maps if they are not familiar with it.

You can also alter the Cue Sport codes you support.

In the screen above, American Pool, 3 Cushion Carom, Nine Ball and Ten Ball have been selected.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to view the rest of the page. Notice the Save button.

You must click on the Save button after making any changes to Cue Sport codes or other details on the page to keep the changes.

(Note that you will not be able to create T140 Events™ in a Cue Sport code if you have not selected that code on this page and saved the changes.)

The right-hand side of the screen relates to purchasing Event Credits and Processing offline T140 Events™ (These are Events where an internet outage occurred during the Event). These features will be covered in another How to document.

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