Build an Event.

In the Create New Event screen under the Planned tab, select the T140 Event™ you wish to build and click the Build button.

The Build Event screen opens. Note the Players field is indicating Some. This means some Players have Registered through their Player web app, but not enough to fully Build the Event.

In this case because you have two tables you could have up to five participants. T140™ does not recommend that you this that because the players will have bye rounds and one player will have two byes. This reduces Player enjoyment.

Click Add all under Registered Players field. If there are more Players than places available, only the maximum number of Registered Players will be transferred to the Event Participants field, and you will be able to Build the Event.

The players are listed in the order in which they registered.

The Players who missed out on the Event will be messaged about their lack of success.

If you have another table or tables to add you can do it at this time rather than having them miss out. You can have up to 8 tables.

If the T140 Event™ is about to start and you have insufficient Registered Players, as shown above, you can add more Players from the Previous Players field (if the Players are present) and then Build the Event.

In the above example, without enough Players, you can only perform an Interim Build. If the T140 Event™ is still some time away and you have insufficient Registered Players, performing an Interim Build will inform Players who have registered that they have been entered into the T140 Event™. This gives certainty to those Players that they have a spot in the T140 Event™ and allows them to plan accordingly.

An Interim Build or a full Build can also be used to generate a message on the day of the T140 Event™, as a reminder to Players of the fact that they have entered to compete on that day.

In the screen above, the Player’s section is showing All. This means enough Players have registered to Build the Event and so the Build Event button is available. However, as the T140 Event™ is oversubscribed 2 Players need to be removed or an extra table added.

Click Build Event. All Registered Players who were successfully entered into the T140 Event™ will be notified through their Player web apps. They will also get an email telling them that a new message has been posted.

The T140 Events™ system gives priority to Registered Players first. Attempts to populate the T140 Event™by using the Previous Participants field to make up the numbers, ahead of Registered Players will generate a warning message to this effect, and you will not be able to Build the Event.

After clicking Build Event you are returned to the Create New Event screen, to allow to do further Event management if required.

Note that the T140 Event™you just built is not shown. That is because only Planned events are shown when the Planned tab is selected and the event you just built is now an Active event.

You can view it by clicking on the Active tab.

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