Advertise Events

After you have created a new T140 Event™ and clicked Save, the Event is stored under the Planned Tab. Do not use the Firefox Browser.

The screen below is displayed (in this case a new 3 Cushion Carom T140 Event™ which you have created and which is to be advertised). You can if you wish change the code, date, time or number of tables at this stage.

Click the Advertise? button.

Click cursor in text box under the heading New Advertisement. This text box has a maximum of 250 characters. It contains the message that will be available to all Players registered in the code with your Venue. Once you have finished the message click Send.

After you have clicked Send, this screen is displayed:

Any registered T140TM Player, that is linked to your Venue in 3 Cushion Carom will receive a message in their Player web app inviting them to register in this T140 Event™.

That’s how easy it is to create a T140 Event™ and message all interested Players. With very little practise, it is possible to do this in less than 30 seconds.

The messages are like a bulletin board. The Players need to look to see them. What the T140 Events™ system does when you advertise any Event is automatically email all the all Players registered in the code with your Venue to check the Player web app for a notice from you about the new Event.

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