Run An Event

Do not use the Firefox browser.

T140™ recommends you use a computer (desktop or laptop) with a decent speakers. The sound file which plays at the end of each round can be downloaded here. You can use it to test your speakers volume levels. The Event has a nine second spoken countdown. It also appears on the Venue computer screen.

Before playing, Players must Check-in. Find the Event in Active and click Check-In. The following screen will open.

Assign your Venue’s table numbers in the Which Tables? field. These table numbers are displayed in the Player web app to tell Players where they are playing in each Round.

In the example below, the Venue Operator has assigned table numbers 31 and 32 for this T140 Event™.

Once all Players have arrived and have paid click the boxes and then click Save Check-in State.

This screen appears.

Click Manual Run. The system will run automatically but until your staff and Players are familiar with the Player web app, T140 recommends you run each if the several rounds manually.

Manual Run 1st Round

Click Initiate Event.

All Players must now indicate Ready to Play in the Player web app on their phone.

Below is Player web app showing the Ready to Play button.

Once all the Players have clicked Ready to Play their names will be shown in green. You can now click Start.

This is the procedure that is followed for each Round. Note it is possible to pause the timer if the Venue chooses to do so.

The Venue Leader board contains important information about the Event. It shows the Players and their current Divisions. The Divisions are only important in some of the codes where higher ranked players are subject to some rule restrictions. The Player web app provides this detail as well.

At the beginning of an Event, T140’s Player Advantage™ calculates the number of Event Points each Player is expected to need to top up their expected total Raw Scores to reach a target of 700. This target applies to all codes except English Billiards which has a target of 1,400.

Any player who gets around the target has an excellent chance of winning the Event.

The system also calculates the average Raw Score that the player must get in each round as their target average. As the System displays the total Player Advantage™ points at the beginning the less skilful players will appear at the top of the Leader board in the early rounds

After the Round ends wait until all scores have been entered and agree. When that occurs then all names will be in green. Then click Complete Round.

Players will then be informed about who they are playing and what tables they need to go to for the next Round. Once all the Players have clicked ready to play in their Player web app then you can run the next Round.

The screen below shows a T140 Event™ running in the second Round.

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