Registering for Events.

You will receive emails at the email address you provided during Registration, advising you when there are T140 Events™ being advertised in your Player web app and to check the app. This is because if you have the web app closed, you will not see new messages. (The Player web app is a web app, not a conventional app you download from Apple or Google Play store).

When you receive message notifications on your Home screen (shown below), they will always refer to T140 Events™.

Click on the “You have *#* unread messages” button.

It will bring you to this screen.

Here you click on Register if you want to be registered to play in the advertised Event.

If you are successful with Registration, you will receive a message that looks like this.

You can also receive messages advising if you have been unsuccessful in Registration, along with messages if the Venue cancels the T140 Events™.

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