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Messages are displayed on your Home screen as shown below. You will see a Welcome Message.

Touch the Messages announcement or touch the Menu button, (3 horizontal white bars).

Select Messages from the drop-down menu.

The screen (below) displays the messages currently in the message queue.

You will get messages about T140 Events™. with options to register, notifications about T140 Events™ you have been successful or unsuccessful in registering for and messages advising if a T140 Event™ is cancelled.

Choose either Ignore the message or choose to Register for the Event referred to above.

You can choose who you get messages from by touching Menu then Settings. (image below).

Select the Cue Sport Code Venue button to bring up a list of Venues where you play that Code. (image below).

You can then choose to Ignore marketing from that Venue by ticking the check box alongside its name and then selecting Save.

If you register for an Event then you can check by selecting Menu then Events and your Event screen will be displayed.

The screen below shows that you have successfully registered in a T140 Event™. Details are given above the Action buttons. You can either select Play or Withdraw.

If you press Withdraw then your registration for this T140 Event™ will be automatically withdrawn unless it is within 8 hours of the Event. If it is within 8 hours of the Event Start time you will be asked to contact the Venue directly (below).

Note that the date/time displayed for this event is a hyperlink. Clicking on this link will download an .ics file to your phone, which can be added to your phone’s calendar, to set a reminder about the Event concerned.

Depending on which calendar you use on your phone you may have to install the file manually. This function works automatically in Google calendar on most phones.

When a T140 Event™ has been Built or is Running, the yellow “Return to live event” button will be enabled on your home screen. You can return to the Event at any time by selecting this button.

Select Menu.

Your unique QR code will appear as shown below.

This QR code can be used to check-in if the Venue has enabled QR code reading in their Venue for check-in purposes. If not report to the Operator to Check-in.

The rest of the items in the Menu Dropdown are links to website resources at www.T140.com.

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