Player Registration

New Player Registering for T140™ and getting the Player web app.

You will only need to register once. Go to the T140™ website at You can do this on your computer or on your phone.

Press the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen (image below).

Find and press the Players link (below).

Press the Register button in the centre of the screen (image below).

You will see the screen displayed in the image below.

Click or press the Registration button. The below screen appears.

Type in a valid email address in the space provided and press the Send verification code button.

Check for an email from Microsoft containing the verification code at the email address you have provided. Copy the code and enter it in the space provided and click the Verify code button (image below).

Type in a password. To be valid the password you must include at least 8 characters, have at least one capital, at least one number and at least one special character. You must repeat the password on the second line provided. The show password check boxes will make the password visible if selected.

Fill in your Given name and Surname in the spaces provided and select Create. The Welcome screen shown in the image below will display. Follow the instructions and select Player web app.

The screen displayed in the image below appears. You must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the messages by ticking the check boxes.

The emails you receive are not for marketing but only from T140™. You must fill in the Country filed. The other fields are optional. Select Save.

The screen (below) appears.

Congratulations you have Registered for T140 EventsTM!

All that you need to do now to start competing in T140 EventsTM is proceed to your local Venue or Club that provides facilities for your favourite Cue Sport Code, and hosts T140 EventsTM and register with them.

At the time you register you will given a starting Division by the Venue. (The process takes less than 30 seconds).

When you have completed registered for the first time, each time you open your Player web app you will see the screen displayed below.

The first Venue or Club that you enrol with will become your Home Venue for that Cue Sport code.

You might later decide to link with other Venues for that Cue Sport code. This is simple to do, but the original Venue you enrol with for a Cue Sport code is always your Home Venue for that Code.

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