Guidelines for Player Division classification using Fargo Ratings

Venue guidelines for initial Player classification (American Pool Fargo Rating)

At the heart of the T140 Events™ system is our unique Player Advantage™. The algorithms which drive the Player Advantage™ ensure the T140 Events™ are played on a truly level playing field and that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Two unique aspects of T140 Events™ are that we have made some minor rule changes to improve player enjoyment and we have eight Player Divisions™. These Player Divisions™ complement those rule changes.

T140® Divisions

  1. Elite player – A Player who plays at a professional level. A Fargo Rating of over 800.
  2. Semi-Professional Player – Former professional players. A National Champion who has represented their country at international championships. A Fargo Rating of 700 to 799.
  3. Tournament wining Player –A Player who is competitive at a national championship. One who wins Local, State/Province and Country competitions. A Fargo Rating of 600 to 699.
  4. Above average Player – A Player who plays at a high standard. A competition player who on their day can go deep into a tournament and hold their own against a Division 3 player. A Fargo Rating of 568 to 599.
  5. Average Player A Player who has a sound technique and good understanding of the game. A past Division 3 player or aspiring new champion. A Fargo Rating of 534 to 567.
  6. Local Club Player A Player who plays weekly in local team competitions and loves playing but who has no aspiration of a winning national competition. A Fargo Rating of 500 to 533.
  7. Social Player - A Player who has been playing for a long time but plays for fun or one that is new to the sport and is above a Division 8 player. A Fargo Rating of 351 to 499.
  8. Beginner/ Novice Player. A new Player yet to demonstrate any consistent level of competence. A Fargo Rating of up to 350.

You nominate a player into a Division at the time they register with you as their Home Venue. If they have already registered at another Venue then you do not need to do anything as they are already in the system.

If you don’t nominate a Division, the system uses a default value. Once a Player begins playing, the T140 Events™ system tracks their performance over the next eight Events and adjusts their Player Advantage™. At the conclusion of that time the Player will then have an official Player Advantage™ and be eligible for Ranking Points.

Players need a discrete Player Advantage™ for each code they play in.