Guidelines for Player Division classification

At the heart of the T140 Events™ system is our unique Player Advantage™. The algorithms which drive the Player Advantage™ ensure the T140 Events™ are played on a truly level playing field.

Two other unique aspects of T140 Events™ is that we have made some minor rule changes to improve your enjoyment and we have eight Player Divisions™. These Player Divisions™ complement those rule changes and enhance our Player Advantage™ system.

T140 Divisions Guidelines

  1. Elite player – A Player who plays at a professional standard.
  2. Semi-Professional Player – Former professional players. A National Champion who has represented their country at international championships.
  3. Tournament wining Player –A Player who is competitive at a national championship. One who wins Local, State/Province and Country competitions
  4. Above average Player – A Player who plays at a high standard. A competition player who on their day can go deep into a tournament and hold their own against a Division 3 player.
  5. Average Player A Player who has a sound technique and good understanding of the game. A past Division 3 player or aspiring new champion.
  6. Local Club Player A Player who plays weekly in local team competitions and loves playing but who has no aspiration of a winning national competition.
  7. Social Player - A Player who has been playing for a long time but plays for fun or one that is new to the sport and is above a Division 8 player.
  8. Beginner/ Novice Player. A new Player yet to demonstrate any consistent level of competence.

Venues nominate you into a Division at the time you first register with a venue as your Home Venue. If they don’t nominate a Division, the system uses a default value. Once you have registered and begun playing, the T140 Events™ system tracks your performance over the next 8 Events. At the conclusion of that time you will then have an official Player Advantage™ which enables you to earn Ranking Points. As you play in further Events, the T140 Events™ system continues to track your performance and adjust your grading within the system. You need to qualify with a discrete Player Advantage™ in each code.