SnookerSA the World's first T140 Venue

Up and Running!

SnookerSA is now running T140™ Snooker and T140™ English Billiards Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings. Player uptake and enthusiasm is growing rapidly and we are looking to accommodate players’ opportunity by scheduling more T140™ Events.

SnookerSA’s proprietor commented:

“Players are quickly adapting to and learning cue sports’ innovative and exciting T140™ format.
T140™ is revolutionising cue sports, bringing more players to the game and revitalising venues. Congratulations to the team at T140™ for producing such a wonderful concept. We are looking forward to a great future with T140™”.

Who will be the first player to achieve these T140™ milestones?

At SnookerSA, T140™ players are so keen to soon complete their initial eight events, after which they will qualify for their official T140™ Player Advantage and will start to accumulate their T140” World Ranking Points from each Event.

SnookerSA’s comment: “We are experiencing more and more enthusiasm from our players as the weeks roll by with their aspirations now growing to qualify to play in future State, National and International T140™ Tournaments.

We hope to have many T140™ Champions emerging from SnookerSA’s player list. T140™ is the best thing to happen to SnookerSA since we opened our doors 7 years ago. The future is bright!.”

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