1. When Players register, they will need to play in eight T140 Events™ to obtain an official Player Advantage™.
  2. The Player Advantage™ is a factor known exclusively to T140™ in respect of each individual Player.
  3. The Player Advantage™ system carries out a unique calculation for each T140 Event™ at the time it starts.
  4. The Player Advantage™ is calculated on the basis of:-
    1. the Player's performance over the last 13 T140 Events™ played and factors in the Venue/s where they were played.
    2. The previous performances of the Player’s Opponents. The Player Advantage™ system assesses the performance of each Opponent over the last 13 T140 Events™ they have played and factors in the Venue/s where they were played.
  5. Ranking Points will only be awarded in T140 Events™ where either four players, or more than 50% of the Players playing (whichever is greater), have an official Player Advantage™.
  6. T140™ will maintain Rankings based on venues, cities, states/provinces/regions, countries, international regions and globally.
  7. Only Players with an official Player Advantage™ receive Ranking Points in any T140 Event™.
  8. In a case where a T140 Event™ is conducted with 8 Players and only 6 of those 8 Players have an official Player Advantage™, only those 6 Players share in Ranking Points. In this instance, the Player who finished 6th is regarded as the "last" Player for the purposes of Ranking Points.
  9. Ranking Points range from 8 points for first through to 1 point for last. The distribution based on the number of Players with a Player Advantage™ is as follows: - TABLE
  10. The average number of Points which a Player earns in any Event configuration is 4.5 Ranking Points. Accordingly, there is no advantage in the long-term between playing in a 4 Player Event or playing in a 16 Player Event as the average points enjoyed will be the same.
  11. Venues can conduct T140 Events™ of between 4 and 16 Players. Once the Venue is in a position to play with 17 or more Players the Venue will need to run multiple Events.
  12. Generally, Players will be ranked on the total number of Ranking Points achieved over the last 13 T140 Events™ played. In relation to Venue Rankings a separate ranking will be available based on the total number of Ranking Points achieved over the last 13 Events played at the Venue.
  13. Accordingly, the maximum number of points which can be credited to any Player at any given point in time is 104 and the minimum number of points is 13. Ranking points calculate into fractions
  14. In the event of a tie in the number of points, Rankings will be determined in the first instance by the period of time between the first and last T140 Event™ in the 13 Event block played by that Player.
  15. The T140 Events™ system time stamps T140 Events using UTC and records the time. The shorter the period in which the 13 Events are played the higher the ranking for Players on equal Ranking Points.
  16. In the unlikely event that Players have both the same ranking points and exactly the same period of time between the last 13 Events, then the Player whose Player Advantage™ has dropped the most from the 13th Event through to the most recent Event will be given a higher ranking.
  17. T140™Tournaments conducted by T140™ will generally be fields of 64, 128 or 256 Players. Half of the field will be determined by those Players who were at the top of the relevant Ranking at a designated date and time and the other half of the field will be selected at random from eligible Players within the geographical range of the tournament.
  18. To be an eligible Player you must first obtain a Player Advantage™ by playing in 8 qualifying T140 Events™ as mentioned above. After that Players must play in a total of 13 Events over a 52-week period.
  19. In the first 6 months from 22 February 2022, the 13 Events in 52 weeks criteria will not apply to Tournaments and the criteria will be relaxed to 6 Events within 24 weeks however Ranking Points from up to 13 Events played will count in the Rankings.

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