Dictionary of defined Words & Phrases

Approach – An Approach is any attempt or solicitation, in any manner (whether directly or indirectly), to a T140 Venue™ or to a T140 Player™, to influence the outcome or conduct of any T140 Event™ whether in return for payment or any other form of remuneration or benefit. This is prohibited by the Rules and is a breach of the Players’ T&C’s.

Bye or Bye Round – A Bye occurs when a particular Player does not have an Opponent in a particular Round of a T140 Event™, a T140 Venue Tournament™ or a T140 Tournament™. This will occur when there are an odd number of Players playing in a T140 Event™.

Bye Score - Where a Player has a Bye in a T140 Contest™, that Player receives the average of their Raw Score in the Rounds played in that T140 Event™ as the score in the Bye Round. In the Bye Round the Player will also receive the average of their Player Advantage™ in the other Rounds played in that T140 Event™.

Break Limit – In certain Codes a break is referred to as a Run. In this definition a reference to a Break Limit is also a reference to a Run Limit. In the T140 Modified Rules™ of some Codes, a Break Limit applies to restricting a Player from continuing a break beyond a certain point. When a Break Limit is reached, the Player’s break/run is complete and the Player is compelled to Hand Over the table to their Opponent, with the position of the balls determined by the rules applicable to that Code.

Code or Codes – the collective noun for American Pool, Blackball, Chinese Pool, Eight Ball, English Billiards, Russian Pyramid, Snooker and Three Cushion Carom Billiards (Carom) including their variants.

Contest - each 20-minute competition between two Players in a Round of a T140 Event™.

Division – Some of the Codes played in T140 Events™ have Modified Rules based on the divisional standing of Players in a Contest. There are eight Divisions. Division 1 comprises players of the highest ability through to Division 8 comprising players of the most modest of abilities. When Players first register to play in a Code, they receive a provisional Division status from a T140 Venue™. After a Player has played in eight T140 Events™, they are granted an official T140 Player Advantage™, which will also confirm their Divisional status from 1 to 8. A Player can change Divisions over time based on their performance.

Event Credits – Non-transferable pre-purchased unique credits, issued by T140™ to T140 Venues™, that are used by them run a T140 Event™ or a T140 Venue Tournament™.

Event Score - A Player’s total Raw Score over the seven Rounds plus that Player’s total Player Advantage™ for that T140 Event™.

Hand Over – In certain Codes, the Modified Rules stipulate, that when a Player has played a legal shot and in doing so achieves or exceeds the maximum allowable break, the Player’s visit ends, and they Player must Hand Over the table according to the applicable Modified Rules to their Opponent.

Leader Board – This is the progressive Event Score in points displayed on the T140 Venue™ app main screen in a total T140 Player Advantage™ format. It is also available through the T140 Player™ app but with the addition of a format which lists the Players’ progress using the Player’s average T140 Player Advantage™ in that event added in each Round .

Modified Rules – Modifications published by T140™ to the standard rules of each Code. All T140 Events™ must be played in accordance with the Modified Rules otherwise no Ranking Points will be awarded.

Operator - the person or organisation operating a T140 Venue™ and conducting a T140 Event™.

Opponent - The Player against whom another Player is competing in a T140 Contest™ in any Round.

Part Rack – an unfinished Rack that is in progress at the end of a 20-minute Round.

Player – a person who competes in a T140 Event™, a T140 Venue Tournament™ or a T140 Tournament™.

Player Advantage™ – In every T140 Event™, the T140 Events™ system calculates additional points for each Player based on the particular Opponent that they play. The Player Advantage™ varies in each Contest. The total of Player Advantage™ in each of the seven Contests is added to the Player’s Raw Scores to determine the placings in the T140 Event™. Player Advantages™ are calculated to many decimal places to ensure a truly level playing field. They vary every time a Player plays.

Points – the number of points scored by a player in a Round in Carom, English Billiards, Russian Classic Pyramid and Snooker.


Rack/s – In American Pool, Blackball, Chinese Pool, Eight Ball (including variants of American Pool called Nine Ball and Ten Ball) and Russian Free Pyramid, a game is called a Rack. In the Modified Rules, there are a maximum of 10 Racks per Round for the Codes of American Pool, Blackball, Chinese Pool, Eight Ball (including variants of American Pool called Nine Ball and Ten Ball). In Russian Free Pyramid the limit is 5 Racks per Round.

Frames - In Snooker, a game (whether completed or not within the 20-minute Round) is called a Frame. In the Modified Rules applying to Snooker, the contest continues until the Frame is completed or at the end of the 20 minute Round, whichever comes first.

Games - In English Billiards, Carom and Russian Classic Pyramid, only one Game is played in a Round, either to the maximum score allowed under the Modified Rules, or at the end of the 20 minute Round, whichever comes first.

Ranking Points – Players who have an official Player Advantage™ will receive T140™ Ranking Points for each T140 Event™. Players who are still in the qualifying phase of achieving an official Player Advantage™ will not receive T140™ Ranking Points. Ranking Points will only be awarded in T140 Events™ where either four players, or more than 50% of the Players playing (whichever is greater), have an official Player Advantage™. Ranking Points can be accessed by Players on a Venue, City, State/Province, National, Regional and Global basis.

Raw Score - The number of actual points scored by a player or points accrued from Racks won by a Player (e.g., in Eight Ball, 10 points are awarded for each Rack won by a Player), or balls potted in a Part Racks (e.g., in Eight Ball, if a Player had had six of their balls potted at end of the 20 minute Round they receive 6 points).

Round - A 20-minute Contest between two Players played in a T140 Event™. The Round ends the moment the T140 Venue™’s timer sounds.

Round Score – A Round Score is a Player’s Raw Score plus 1/7th of their total Player Advantage™ for that particular T140 Event™. A Player’s Raw Score for any Round is entered in the Player’s mobile app and the T140 Events™ system will automatically determine each Player’s progressive Round Score.

Sanctioning Body – A National, Regional or International body engaged in the promotion and regulation of a Code which has agreed to sanction T140 Events™.

T140™ Community - All venues, players and organisations collectively engaged in one way or another in T140 Events™.

T140™ Contest - each 20-minute competition between two Players in a Round of a T140 Event™. Also referred to as a Contest.

T140 Events™/ T140 Event™ – A competition at a T140 Venue™, run under the T140 Events™ format using the Modified Rules and comprising from 4 to 16 Players. Each T140 Event™ is separate from another and is awarded Ranking Points by the T140 Events™ system.

T140 Events™ format – A T140 Event™ comprises seven, 20 minute Rounds. T140 Events™ can be played by anywhere from four to sixteen Players under the Modified Rulesin a Registered T140 Venue™.

T140™ Modified Rules - modifications to the standard playing rules of a particular Code, enabling the more equitable distribution of table time between players of unequal ability.

T140™ Players - Individuals competing within the T140 System™ in T140 Venues™ through participation in T140 Events™, T140 Venue Tournaments™ and T140 Tournaments™.

T140™ Respot position - In the cue sport code of English Billiards, on occasions within the T140 Modified Rules™, when a table handover occurs the incoming player has options in relation to re-spotting the balls. These include the positioning for placing the opponents cue ball on the centre spot of the D, and the red ball on the billiard spot with the incoming player having ball in hand. Refer to the modified rules for English Billiards.

T140 Events™ system – The overall system encompassing the Venue App, Player App, Website interaction, Event and Tournament formats, Rule Modifications and the Player Advantage™ as described in the Venue Terms & Conditions and Player Terms & Conditions.

T140 Tournaments™ – a series of T140 Events™ conducted by, or on behalf of, T140™ which occur on nominated dates at nominated T140 Venues™ on a State/ Provincial, Country, Regional and International basis.

T140 Venue™ – Any facility which offers the opportunity to play one or more of the Codes and is registered with T140™.

T140 Venue Tournament™ - A tournament conducted by, and within a T140 Venue™ consisting of multi-tiered T140 Events™, culminating in qualifying Players’ graduation through T140 Events™ to a final T140 Event™.

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